Terms Of Service

Terms And Conditions

We prioritize clear and concise terms and conditions for our real estate photography services. With transparent guidelines covering scheduling to delivery, we ensure professionalism and ease throughout the process. Trust us to handle the details while you focus on achieving your business goals confidently.

Cancelations And Rescheduling:

We aim to be flexible with our rescheduling and cancelations, especially during occurrences such as weather which can be a common occurrence because we want you to receive our best work. 24-hour cancelations will result in a 50% fee of the photoshoot order price, also appointment “no-shows” after 30 minutes will result in a cancelation with a 50% fee of the photoshoot order price.

Drone Availability/Requirements:

Swift Scan, LLC will include drone services in ALL Bundles. In certain areas, permission to fly is REQUIRED. If an appointment is booked in controlled airspace (Check Here) and we get denied to fly, we will NOT be able to include Drone services for your property. Swift Scan, LLC must use caution on a Jobsite with the ability to revoke drone flight because of weather, airspace, distant airports, or other circumstances.


All Payments must be paid in full when your content is delivered. If a you fail to pay your invoice in a reasonable amount of time you may be required to pay before your scheduling future appointment. If orders are downloaded and not paid we may contact brokers and MLS boards to remove your listing from the MLS and as a results invoke fee’s and potential legal trouble.


A revision is included in our pricing for photographs. Minor Video revisions are also included in our pricing (fix text/volume/sizing) but major revisions would be charged at our $50 hourly rate.


To apply and get into our schedule you can visit our portal (Click Here) fill out the needed areas with * and other important information. Swift Scan, LLC reserves the right to alter appointments such as modifying the time and dates in order to go above and beyond with our services and ensure weather won’t be a problem with our services.

Floor Plans/Drone Property lines:

The floor plan’s square footage is an approximation. Swift Scan, LLC does not guarantee that the square footage listed in our floor plans is exact measurements as they are made to understand the property room layout.

Turn Around Time:

Swift Scan, LLC will turn around assets within 24-48 hours from the appointment/payment. Videos will be delivered within 1-4 business days from the appointment/payment.

Liability And Insurance:

Swift Scan, LLC is covered under a $2M general business policy and $500,000 Drone insurance policy that can be provided upon request for a job from clients/agencies. All Swift Scan, LLC drone operators are FAA Part-107 UAG (Unmanned Aircraft General) licensed. Swift Scan, LLC has the right to deny their services of photos/videos for any reason.

Asset Rights And Licenses:

All Photos/Videos and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights in the media in which the Photos are stored, remain the sole and exclusive property of Swift Scan, LLC This license provides the Client with the limited right to distribute the Photos and most Videos only for promotional or advertising purposes directly related to the sale of the Property. Videos will Be Listed Under our YouTube channel “Swift Scan LLC” and videos still can be shared through a link.